Our prices are not buried deep in our site, menu after menu -- they're right here.

We have a simplified pricing structure so that you know what to expect - no hidden fees*.

Initial setup cost $350
Hosting & Maintenance $250 / year
Domain name (if you don't have your own) $10/year

What is included in this price:

  • Website hosting.
  • Expandable content management system (CMS) with a flexible number of pages (no charge per page).
  • Security and other necessary upgrades throughout the year (should be transparent to you).
  • Generous number of content updates throughout the year.
  • Client has option to add / edit content (web-based content editing).
  • Customized layout (no cookie-cutter websites).
  • Simple logo design.
  • Your text.
  • Your photos.
  • Links to other sites.
  • Email forwarding or Email service setup.
  • Customer contact form (replies go directly to your email).
  • Additional forms possible.
  • Embedded interactive maps.
  • Photo slideshow.
  • Website search feature.
  • Unlimited linking to your social networking sites.


*there may be additional costs if third-party extensions are required or requests are beyond those of a typical informational website.